About Us

Water Solutions Pvt.Ltd. is a registered Company in Maldives. We are 100% locally-owned and engaged in the business of providing environmental consulting services to government and non government organizations, both within Maldives and overseas. Broadly, our expertise falls into two categories, environmental consultancy and surveying. Within these broad categories, our expertise ranges from environmental management, Environmental Impact assessment, coastal engineering, coastal management, artificial reefs, design of water and wastewater infrastructure and all kinds of land and hydrographic surveying.

We have established a good relationships with Government and non government organizations, by providing pragmatic environmental advice for a wide variety of projects and developments in the unique cultural and administrative environment of Maldives. It is the combination of this relationship and expertise that creates something that benefits our clients. Our goal is to to help our clients find solutions

Since inception in 2005,we have been able to provide specialist assistance in many different fields through our own network of local consultants, and professional links with international environmental and engineering consulting practices. The company's projects have mainly been restricted to Maldives and Sri Lanka, but our principal consultants have extensive experience in working with international agencies in the Maldives.
A large percentage of our clients are resorts and so we have developed special relationships with the tourism industry and provided solutions to new and already developed resorts.

We are continuously working towards providing better services.



Our Brands

We have developed our own brands to signify some of our specialized products and services.  

WS Maps
WS Maps is a trade mark for all our mapping products and services. All maps developed by Water Solutions, such as topographic maps, hydrographic maps and maps used in all our publications carry the WS Maps logo.

Atoll Images
Atoll Images is the marketing brand of Water Solutions. The name Atoll Images is used in all the publications such as books, maps, magazine and other visual material developed by Water Solutions.

Discover Maldives Magazine
An annual travel magazine published by Water Solutions which provides useful and unique information about the Maldives.