Maps of Maldives, first edition


The book contains the latest and very detail maps of all the atolls, in English and Dhivehi. This book will be useful for many including Government offices, private offices and businesses, fisherman, resort owners, resort developers, school children, travellers, holiday makers and many more.

In addition to detail maps, the book also provides statistics and detail information on all the inhabited islands of Maldives, next to each atoll map. Each map has vertical and horizontal grid and the islands are indexed in alphabetical order with grid reference which makes searching any island very easy.Water SolutionsThe book contains all the upcoming resorts, airports and newly leased agricultural islands in addition to tons of other useful information such as island photos, ATM locations and Bank of Maldives branch locations throughout the Maldives. In short, this will be an indispensable reference book for anyone.

Format :Paperback
Published Year : 2008
No. of Pages: 57, Paperback
Dimensions: 29.7 cm x 21 cm