Maps of Maldives - 2nd Edition, 2016


There are several key features that make this 2nd edition unique and especially useful for many groups. The most important advantage this book over the other existing map books available in Maldives is the dual language. This book has been developed in English and Dhivehi which makes this book extremely important to anyone in the Maldives. In addition, the 2nd edition will have far better and more informative features that would be very useful for a number of people.

The 2nd edition comes with research and development undertaken by Water Solutions for more than seven (7) years, thus making this book one of the most updated.

The book will have approximately 85 pages and the contents will feature the following information:

  • Detail maps of all the atolls both in English and Dhivehi. The maps have been developed using our own in house database through surveys carried out physically by Water Solutions. Therefore, the data will be very accurate and maps very up to date. All the recent geographical changes that have occurred in the Maldives have been captured on this book such as new islands, new resorts, reclaimed islands etc. 
  • Details of island statistics for each inhabited islands. The 2nd edition has been populated with far more information graphics to provide readers easy to understand information through graphical representations.
  • Travel maps have been included for each atoll to provide travelling time and distance information from the airports as well as within the atoll.
  • Grid scale for each map that allow quick and easy search of islands. Searching islands will be much quicker and faster with the new grid system as well as the way in which information is presented.
  • Locations of important places, services and facilities throughout the Maldives including harbours, atoll and regional hospitals, wrecks, agricultural islands, leased islands, airports, protected islands.
  • Contact details for all the islands and atoll councils have been included as new data.
  • Latest population statistics from the 2014 census.
  • Comparison of island sizes for each atolls will provide new information about the relative sizes of some selected islands in each atoll.
  • New political geographical maps have been included to provide useful informations about the political status of the country.
  • All maps have been redesigned and published in a north up position to give a realistic picture about the geographical formation.
  • Searching resort islands will be very easy with their inclusion in the information pages as well as a resort index at the end of the book.
  • New island level detail maps have been added as new content. These maps have been included due to the increasing number of independent travellers to the Maldives who are accessing remote corners of the Maldives

No.of Pages: 85 , Paperback 

ISBN : 978-99915-54-10-5

Publisher: Water Solutions Pvt Ltd

Dimensions: 30cm x 21 cm x 0.4cm

Weight: approx 350 grams

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